10 Unbelievably Funny Christmas Ornaments


Decorating the Christmas tree is an important holiday tradition. Well in an attempt to make it not so boring, here is the definitive funny Christmas ornament shopping list. These hilarious ornaments will make any tree lucky enough to have them just straight awesome. Some of these funny ornaments are your subtle sleeper ornaments. While others well let every tree admirer know what Christmas really means to you. Party and hilarity with a side helping of goofy. Check out Gibe & Jest’s Funny Christmas Ornaments list 2016.

1) Crooked Biscuit

Don’t let the name fool you. This Crooked Biscuit Ornament is a pair of gingerbread people getting it on. And there is probably nothing crooked about what the two are doing. Ginger people like to have a good time too. Mr. Bowtie’s face just cracks me up, looks like Christmas is about to come more than once for this little guy. Throw it up on your tree and share the love

2) Squirrel In Underpants

I look at this little guy and I just think trust. No, really, what is there not to trust about a squirrel in tighty whities? Hes classy, he likes to party and he can do so modestly. SO be like the squirrel this holiday season and keep it modest. Also throw this guy up on your tree before you throw up your eggnog on the carpet.

3) Yodeling Christmas Pickle

The next level of the pickle tradition is finally here! Usually the first person to find the Christmas pickle in their tree has good luck for a whole year. Well this motion activated yodeling pickle will find you before you find it! That’s right bring hours of yodeling fun to your tree with this singing pickle. You can even use it as an alarm to keep unwanted kids from touching presents before it’s time to open them.

4) Home Alone Filthy Animal

If you don’t know what this is from then you might be a little on the younger side. For those of you who do know what this is from, I’m just assuming you aren’t even reading this and you have already brought a hundred. Why? Well this awesome little guy is from Home Alone. The awesome movie where a little kid sets up traps that beat up burglars. The line is from a scene in the movie where… why am I explaining this? Just buy the thing already and show everyone how much culture you have.

5) Lederhosen Unicorn

I have no idea what this has to do with Christmas, but it sure is a beautiful thing to behold. If you need to celebrate both Oktoberfest and Christmas, it’s got you covered. If you need more lederhosen or more unicorn in your life it does that too. It’s a beautiful ornament. Perfect for the ugliest ornament contest at work or the family Christmas tree. Again, it can do both.

6) Drunk Santa

This ornament is what Santa looks like exactly 30 min after Christmas is over. He works so hard all year round with list checking and crap. I’m sure the moment his night of breaking and entering is over, he is shirt off with a beer in hand. Party time Santa. Show the fun side of Santa with this funny Christmas ornament. And let it all hang out for once.

7) Naughty Snowman

The anatomically correct snowman is the snowman of the future. He’s also the snow man of every 12 year old that has ever made a Snowman. I mean it’s hard to resist NOT putting the carrot there. This throw back to the 12 year old boy in everyone, looks great on your tree and you may even get a couple tree admirers to do a double take. The carrot is where?!? I’m so offended.

8) Farting Santa

Fart jokes never get old. They are a staple. So it’s with great pleasure that I bring: tooting, farting Santa to our 2016 funny Christmas ornament list. He’s sure to lighten the mood and increase the flavor of your Christmas tree. As long as you just keep pressing his butt, the fart jokes can go for hours.

9) Mr. Hankey

Howdy Ho! Everybody! Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo is the perfect gift for any die hard South Park fan in the family. Or anyone who has never seen South Park that you hate. Well, because you can give them a plush turd for Christmas and can tell them that it’s anything. Even that it is in fact a plush turd you just gave them as a gift. See, the magic of Christmas is in everyone.

10) Snowman With Selfie Stick

This funny Christmas ornament is awesome. Who needs a selfie stick when you can just rip off your own arm and use it? His arm is a stick too, the irony of this ornament is just too deep for me to handle. It’s a hilarious ornament sure to get a giggle out of any scrooge.

Thanks for browsing our definitive funny Christmas ornament list 2016. They ranged from the absurd to the bizarre but always funny. Every one of the ornaments on this list are sure to turn heads. They are the perfect addition to any gift exchange or white elephant. So I hope you found a few that you liked and that they brought a little bit of holiday cheer to your cold cold heart.