14 Hilarious Gag Gifts For Christmas


Sometimes the best gag gifts for Christmas are the ones that take the giving to the next level. Take a look at our list of hilarious Christmas gag gifts that might make Saint Nick look the other way.

1) Turkey Mask


This mask is as ridiculous as it looks, and it’s a great way to start of our list of gag gifts for Christmas. It’s a silicon turkey mask and it makes you look like you are wearing a turkey on your head. I don’t know about you, but I always pick up the holiday turkey and make it dance like in those old cartoons. So I’m pretty pumped I can now do so while looking like a giant turkey.

2) Pull My Finger Santa

Is there anything funnier than a good fart joke? No, there isn’t actually. Don’t believe me? Whoopee cushions are a true testament to how the fart joke is king. Well with pull my finger Santa you now can bring that hilarious and classic fart humor to your next family Christmas or your office. This little guy is perfect for Secret Santas and white elephants too. Just pull his finger and start the fun! Makes a great gift and supplies hours of addictive finger pulling fun.

3) Ugly Christmas Sweaters


The ugly sweater craze has finally come full circle. No longer do you need to dig through Aunt May’s closet to find that perfect sweater to take control of the party. You can now just order ugly sweaters online. What a world. Check out these bad boys too and the party will be easily yours. What do kittens eating pizza have to do with Christmas you ask? Who cares. It looks cool and if you don’t like pizza or cats then I don’t think Christmas is for you.

4) Funny Christmas Tree Ornaments


Are you just completely over the classic Christmas ornaments? Those colored balls and tinsel are just so boring. Throw one of these bad boys up on your tree and take your tree admirers by surprise. I mean who doesn’t love an anatomically correct snowman?

5) Elf Ball Popper


This is guy is basically a NERF gun Christmas style… if NERF guns were elves that you stuffed foam balls down their faces and then squeezed to shoot them at people. Santa (or your mom) will never see it coming. The harder you squeeze the harder it goes and the balls are soft so if you’re not very strong you can go point blank and hopefully not shoot your eye out.

6) Grinch Sculpted Mug


If your heart is three times too small and you need everyone to see then this mug is for you! This is also the mug for you if you like drinking out of people’s heads mid lobotomy. Am I drinking coffee celebrating my plot to steal Christmas? Or am I drinking Grinch brains celebrating the victory of Christmas? Keep your enemies guessing.

7) Pigeon Santa Riding An Ostrich


For those of you who are like me and always wonder what Santa looks like to other animals, here is Santa for the birds. And what does bird Santa ride? Well an ostrich of course. This tree topper is huge, at just over ten inches it’s the perfect holiday talking piece. Top your tree with it or just set it on your mantel. It’s a surefire way for good conversation.

Dear Bird Santa,

Please bring me a worm that I don’t have to get up early for. Thank you.

Tom Turkey

8) Christmas Fundies


Need something to spice up your night next to the fire? Well these “fundies” are just the thing. It’s underwear with four leg holes. Guaranteed to keep you and you lover close. Or a creepy way to get someone to stay close. Either way it’s going to be fun!

9) Christmas Story Leg Lamp


Do you know what this is?! It’s a lamp! That’s right, the beautiful lamp stature leg from A Christmas Story can be yours. No word if it comes in a huge crate from Italy with “fragile” written on it. But you can tell all your friends it’s a major award that you won.

10) Santa Morphsuit


Do you need a holiday morphsuit to round out your morphsuit collection? Well look no further. This is an awesome Santa morphsuit. Perfect for the holidays. It’s great for Santacon or your next holiday party. What it’s really good at though is showing off your junk and fat rolls in a fairly socially appropriate costume.

11) Large Bag of Insta-Snow


Soon one day thanks to global warming, snow will be a thing of the past. Or if you live near the equator, snow is already a thing of the past. Either way you need snow to make your holidays a little more festive. Don’t argue, everyone knows snow and holidays just go together. Well now you can order some snow in a bag, just add water and boom instant snow fun. This large bag makes 8 gallons so so your front yard snowman is covered.

12) Bendable Mary & Jesus Figures


He healed the sick, turned water into wine, died for our sins, and now he bends like Gumby. These awesome Jesus and Mary bendable figures are great for your office nativity scene. Or perfect additions to your toy collection. Bend them, move them, and pose them however you like. Except in blatantly sexual position. Don’t do that. That’s his mother!

13) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Glass Moose Mug


It’s time to drink eggnog with Clark and Cousin Eddie so break out the moose mugs! This is a 4oz glass moose mug just like in the film “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. In fact I only drink my custom homemade eggnog out of moose head mugs while watching Christmas Vacation. It’s really the only way to do it. Eggnog from a normal mug is just so boring.

14) Naughty Button


Are you tired of everything being easy? Tired of those dumb easy buttons everyone has on their desk trying to take the easy way out? Well now you can fight back. You can now make everything Naughty. Naughty is the new easy. Your administrative assistant needs you to sign a 1000 forms? Naughty button that. Obviously this is not human resources approved.

Deck the Halls and win Christmas with these awesome gag gifts. Presented to you by your friends at Gibe & Jest.