8 Cheap Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Are you looking for funny ugly christmas sweaters? Well look no further because Gibe & Jest has you covered. We have your definitive shopping list for funny ugly christmas sweaters right here. Do you like your ugly christmas sweaters awesome? We got that. Do you like your ugly christmas sweaters to stand out? Boom! Covered. Oh and Hilarious? It’s Gibe and Jest baby! So don’t worry because funny is always #1 around here.

1) Fresh Prince Carlton Sweater (Will Smith Christmas Sweater)

Do you like to do the Carlton dance at parties? Are you actually a little too young to remember Fresh Prince but you hopped on the bandwagon because you really like that one Will Smith movie (probably Hitch)? Well then look no further because this sweater is for you. Well unless you actually used to watch Fresh Prince and you can do the carlton then this sweater really is for you. Best Will Smith Christmas sweater you’re going to see all year.

2) Humping Moose Sweat

I love this sweater because it’s a little on the discrete side. It has that classic old sweater look. You know, with the knitting and the trees and the snowflakes. Well if you look close enough it also has mooses (meese) humping on it. So now you can celebrate the holidays and sweet, sweet moose love. Maybe without anyone even knowing

3) Trex Attacking Moose Sweater

This one is for all the Dino lovers out there. Like me. If my credit card wasn’t already maxed out (on other dino related purchases) I would be the sole owner of all these bad boys. Well luckily for everyone else it is, and I only bought the first couple hundred. So buy this sweater already and show everyone you loved Christmas 65 million years ago.

4) Reindeer Threesome Sweater

If subtle and low key is not your thing for ugly christmas sweaters then this one’s for you. This sweater just lets your Christmas love all hang out. And by love I mean freaky threeway reindeer love. SO get out there with this bad boy on an let everyone know what you’re into without having to say a word. Just maybe skip the family party with this one. Well unless that’s your thing.

5) Feliz Navidad Sweater

For all the bilingual party goers out there. This sweater has a toasty tanned Santa on it and christmas beers. What’s more Christmas than a Christmas in mexico with all your amigos? Nothing. So eat drink and be merry with all your bad hombres this Christmas in this great spanish ensemble.

6) Mike Tyson Christmas Sweater

Having a speech impediment is no joke. But sometimes it’s okay to let a giggle slide in there on Mike Tyson’s behalf. And this Mike Tyson sweater is just the reason to be merry this Christmas season. Let his quirky speech bring joy and lots of punches to your face this holiday season.

7) Attack of the Christmas Cats Sweater

A great cat sweater says a lot about a person. Like how they like cats and have great taste in clothes. Also it reminds everyone how truly important cats are to the internet. I’m sure without cats the internet would fail. Well I’m no economist so support the internet, cats and Christmas; and buy this thing already. Then wear it at a party (no do not sit at home) so you don’t end up some old cat person all alone.

8) Go Jesus It’s Your Birthday Sweater

Historically they say that Jesus was born probably closer to summer. Well who studies history anyways. And besides Christmas is the celebration of his birthday. If anyone deserves two birthdays it’s the son of god. And if anyone deserves to look good this sweater season it’s you. So show all the heathens what you learned in Sunday School while throwing a few back for the big guy upstairs.

I hope you liked browsing Gibe & Jest’s definitive ugly Christmas Sweater list. Hoping to send you out with some style and just a touch of class. Obviously class is subjective. But funny is up to you. Besides, if it’s funny we have it. If it’s not here then then it’s just not funny.