Gag Gift Guide & FAQ by Gibe & Gest



What is a gag gift?

Essentially, a gag gift is a present given for one of two reasons. For comedic affect or to piss someone off. Sometimes, a little of both. They are not meant to be taken seriously and should bring some form of happiness to either the gift giver or receiver (or both). In this guide, we will focus on the gag gifts that are funny. Gag gifts typically coincide very closely with the holiday season they are given. The month of December will find many Christmas themed gag gifts. There are also gag gifts that work equally well all year round. Perfect for the birthday in July if you don’t want to give firecracker blanks.

What are the different types of gag gifts?

They come in many forms. When most people think of a gag gift, usually a small material item comes to mind. It is usually something that doesn’t have a lot of function. A classic example is the ole snake in a can. You know the one where an unsuspecting victim opens a normal can of nuts to have a snake jump out at their face. This particular type uses a shock or scare factor to hit the humor point. However don’t let your gag gift plan be limited to something small. They can also be equally large planned out elaborate jokes. If you want to give someone a birthday cake that has laxative mixed in, that’s for you to decide. Thoughtful and colon cleansing. Now that’s a real gift.

Why are gag gifts funny?

Gag gifts usually utilize some form of raw humor. Some of the most popular will play on notes of dirty or raunchy humor. Some may consider this over the top, but if that is the case than that person may not be the best target for a gag gift. Of course there are infinite ways to give a funny gift and that will depend on the gift receivers’ personality and humor. If not dirty, than try a different angle. Shocking, scary, ironic, screwball, slapstick, sophomoric, deadpan, dry or off-color are all appropriate humor fields that you can apply to your gag gift and its delivery.


Why would you want to give a gag gift?

The beauty of giving a gag gift is that there is no worrying if the recipient will love the gift or not. Gift giving can be extremely stressful for a lot people because they are always worried about getting the perfect gift for their partner/family/friends. Well with a gag gift, you are always giving the perfect thing. Perfect in the sense that it won’t be bad. And if somehow it is terrible, you can just laugh it off and say it was just a gag gift. With a gag gift you won’t have to spend hours at your local mall, fighting over sized SUV’s in the parking lot. You won’t have to worry if you got the right size. You won’t even have worry about getting a gift receipt. No one is going to take the time to return your gag gift. More likely, they’ll just re-gift it because it was so awesome. With a gag gift there is no shame in re-gifting. In fact, as the giver I hope that all gag gifts get re-gifted that way the love can be spread. Which leads to my next point, that your gag gift will be remembered. No one remembers the $10 Starbucks gift card. But Larry from accounting will always remember his turkey mask that was anything but the typical.

Who should you give a gag gift to?

This is probably the most important consideration when thinking about giving a gag gift. BE SURE TO KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. You are probably not giving this type of gift to your Grandmother’s church group. Then again, maybe Granny loves a well placed humorous gag gift. You must be able to minimally read your prospective recipient. In most cases, this means you have interacted with them before socially and you know them well enough to know they won’t take your gift poorly. This usually narrows down the acceptable group to friends and family. Now within this group, I’m sure you all have an Aunt Donna who might be scarred for life if you gave her an over the hill t-shirt. Like I said, use personal discretion unless your goal is to scarring for life (not advisable).

How do I choose a gag gift?

Bitch go to our awesome gag gift lists! Just kidding. Or am I? Protip: I’m not.

Like all these questions the answer is: it depends. If your intention is to make them laugh and you don’t really have any ideas, then there are tons of generic gifts that could be perfect. It will not be hard. On the other hand, do you want to really hit on something, or some relationship that the two of you have? If so, you can go deep and meaningful but also hilarious. Take an inside joke that you have to the next level with a gag gift. Did Jenny get blacked out last Thanksgiving and you’ve been giving her a hard time ever since? Give her that sweet drunk turkey apron.


How do I give a gag gift?

Normally it is best to give a gag gift in person. That way you can capture their initial reaction when they open it. Hopefully it is a heart attack inducing laugh attack. Be sure to have your smart phones out and ready to capture the moment via photo or video. Sometimes your gag gift may require a small explanation as well, so it can be helpful to give them a lead in while they are unwrapping it. Depending on how good you are with words you can really capitalize on giving a lead in for the gag gift. For example feel free to throw in a “I know you’ve really been needing this” just before they open their brand new Inflatable Poop Emoji.

If in person isn’t quite your thing, that’s okay too. Delivery is awesome and if you want to remain anonymous for whatever reason this is your option. There is also fun in sending a gift anonymously and seeing if the recipient can guess who sent it. If you want to challenge your gag gift giving ability take this route. Although you won’t be able to see their initial reaction, the phone call after should be just as good.

What is the best gag gift?

What are you waiting for? Maybe you are heading to a secret santa party soon? Head over to our most popular lists here.

How can I buy a gag gift?

Check out all of our gag gift lists and follow the links the purchase.