Secret Santa Guide

The Ultimate Breakdown of Secret Santa Gifts

If the wreaths appearing magically didn’t remind you. The fact that you are now apart of a secret santa has shocked you into the present; the holidays are now upon you. Maybe you chose to be involved or perhaps you were forced (sometime HR or your family just can’t be denied). Either way you are now part of a bum bum bummmmm… Secret Santa. Well fret not for Gibe & Jest is here to help both veteran and newbie alike.

So what is a Secret Santa?

A secret Santa simply put is when a group of people gather together to both give and receive gifts anonymously. Anonymous means anonymous! Don’t tell the person you have them as a secret Santa.  Groups can vary in size from small families or groups of friends to large office parties. Everyone involved is added to a list and names are given out so that each person has a secret Santa and is a secret Santa. There are many ways to distribute who has who; the easiest being to just put all the names in a hat.

Know the Secret Santa you are a part of.

It is also very important to know the rules of your particular secret Santa. If there a price limit? More often than not there is a limit on home much you can spend on gifts and this levels the playing field. Don’t drop $500 because you have a crush on your Santa it’s just not cool and you will look dumb. Unless they really like the gift and fall madly in love with you. If that’s the case why did you wait for this secret Santa to make your move? Get it together.

It’s also important to know when and where gifts are being exchanged. Be punctual people like punctual people more.

The goal is to give a good gift a little thoughtful that hopefully your recipient will like.

Step #1 Stalk phase – Learn about your recipient.

Okay, so you have received your recipient, now what? Well if you don’t know them, stalk them. Sometimes names are given out with hobbies or interests. If you receive this list then combine the ideas together to make a gift. In the video we use the example baking and Cats. So why not some cat shaped cookie cutters? Or maybe just some cookies shaped like cats? How about a recipe for a cool cat treat. Be creative.

However, more often than not you will not be given a lift and you probably don’t know the person very well. This happens a lot in office scenarios. That means it’s time to head into that department you never go to and talk to your coworker you don’t know very well.  Try not to make it obvious you are their santa. Through a good conversation with this person you should hopefully be able to determine a hobby or an interest.

Step #2 Research Phase – Research what you have learned and brainstorm gift ideas.

There are many ways you can go with gifts: Thoughtful, gag gift, I hate you. Sometimes this can be wrapped up in rules too. Maybe all the gifts have to be work appropriate. Again something you should know ahead of time.

Search through google for things that are popular in their particular hobby. What is the hot new item for people that love to road bike? Is it a water bottle holder? Is a new little bag that fits under the seat? Search around a little. You can also go to amazon and search the top items in that hobby field for the top sellers or highest rated items. This is a good way to find great items in a particular field.

Step #3 Buy the Product – Seriously don’t forget to buy the item, wrap and label it.

This might seem dumb but it is something you have to do to complete a successful secret Santa. And as already stated make sure you get this step done before the due date so you are totally prepared to give the gift.

Step #4 Profit – Have gift in hand and smile on your face when the day to be Santa Arrives

Great job! You have done your due diligence. You got involved in a secret Santa. You went and talked to your recipient. Hopefully you learned a thing or two about someone new if you didn’t know them before. You were social like a normal human for once again in your life. Then you went back and researched a hobby, bought a cool little gift wrapped it and gave it. Hopefully this experience was a fun one. The whole point is to just get a little more involved with the people near you and give a little love. Because giving is good. And if you happened to receive a great gift then double win.